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Are you looking for a provider specialized in email marketing and customer management by email? Work A Pedia is able to offer all the services you need to less than 0.003 cents per email. Whether it is for managing your complete email marketing campaigns, creating your designs for your emails, analyzing your email marketing campaigns, segmenting your databases, or giving you free access to Its email marketing management platform.

Work-a-pedia offers you a proven email campaign management platform.

  • Customized advice and training provided by more than 50 experts
  • A dedicated support throughout your email marketing strategy
  • Use our email databases opt-in canadians, over 2 million addresses.


Deliverability in email marketing

Your e-mail communications and email marketing campaigns arrive illegibly in the mailbox of your recipients?

Your challenge: Ensure that your messages arrive legibly in your recipients’ inbox.

Because an issue of deliverability leads to immediate revenue loss, Workpedia Canada is continually expanding its range of tools to improve the delivery of your messages.


  • Inform you and accompany you pro-actively
  • Optimize with you the deliverability of your emails
  • Finally, increase the ROI of your campaigns

Partner of Return Path, the global leader in deliverability solutions, Workpedia Canada is a reseller of solutions to optimize deliverability.

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