Thanks to its experience, Workpedia has a highly secure and highly efficient production, routing and hosting platform.

The objective of Workpedia is to propose a reliable environment on which all the services will be provided optimally and specific to the business of managing campaigns emails and SMS. Workpedia offers on its platform the hosting of all the tools and resources needed to manage email and SMS campaigns in SaaS mode.


Access to the machines is restricted and only the technical staff of Workpedia can intervene on the machines in the premises of the host. All of our applications are secured by dedicated firewalling enclosures by stream type. The platform has an anti-intrusion detection system ( IDS ) to counter all attacks that may occur on the Workpedia information system. Workpedia applications are fully secure under SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) . All data is encrypted in 128 bits when used within Workpedia applications and their passage on the Internet. However,


The entire platform is submitted annually to external intrusion audits via third-party providers in Workpedia. The security policy issued by Workpedia also requires the auditing of the internal system by automatically detecting faults and maintaining software updates. The platform is subjected to “application” type audits, certifying that all developments are secure and adapted to the web environment (anti-cross-site-scripting, anti-SQL-injection protocol). .)


A perfect confidentiality and data integrity is guaranteed by the technical environment of Workpedia.


The high availability of our applications is ensured by a complete redundancy of all our equipments and our platform. A “Fail-Back” platform is in place allowing all web services to be maintained in the event of a break in the central production platform. The web production environment is protected from cuts by setting up a cache system of the central information system while maintaining active service. All front-office or back-office web server farms are load-balanced using dedicated F5 load balancing cabinets. The high availability of databases under Microsoft SQL Server is provided by HP clusters of the latest generation in SAN environment.


The data backup system is provided by a dedicated backup network controlled by a robot allowing retention and archiving of data on tape for several months. The archiving of data is ensured outside the production site.


The monitoring of the platform is ensured in real time, 24h / 24h 7/7 by both our teams and by the technical teams of our hosting company. The monitoring system is provided by the NAGIOS tools placed both internally and externally on the production platform.


A reverse proxy system is set up to ensure optimal hosting for all types of media, such as email and SMS campaigns (burst effect, display acceleration). Our very powerful sending capacity of several million messages per hour is ensured by dedicated appliances in IronPort Cluster configuration. These applications are driven by a cluster of high-powered email and SMS content generation servers.

Our resource management policy is based on our ability to retain them at 70% of our operating capacity (optimal mode) and to be able, via the flexibility of our architecture, to guarantee a strong and efficient capacity of resizing in a transparent way For our end users.