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How to Improve Visitor Experience in Reception Area?

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The world is not anymore the same as it used to be even a few years back. Instances of violence at workplace or school/college campus, threat of terrorists, industrial espionage have become very common. It has been seen that if the entrance of any building or premise isn’t secured it becomes vulnerable to any kind of threat. In order to keep the building’s lobby/ reception area secured, it is important to take tight security measures.

Improving Security

Check in software systems like visitor management systems (VMS) can provide complete protection.  Basically, it’s an electronic form of visitor sign-in sheet which is integrated with the security system of the building. The software can easily manage the entry and exit of the visitors.visitor management systems

Moreover, the system is designed in such a way that it can store the entire details of the visitor in their database. The best thing about the VMS is that it offers an effective sign-in process only after the visitor is thoroughly checked and verified. As the process of visitor’s entry is beautifully streamlined, the safety of the employees as well as others can be easily looked into.

Doing Away with Paper Log

One is well aware of the fact that the first impression is the last impression. If a visitor finds that an organization is still using the age-old paper log book then it can hamper the reputation of the company. In this age of technological advancement, using visitor management systems can easily improve the experience of the guest.

visitor management systems

Ways in Which Sign-In Software can Improve the Experience in Reception Area

If you don’t want to create a bad impression on the mind of the guests when they enter your office, install VMS. With sign-in software, one can easily impress the guests and make their face jump with joy.

Putting the Kiosk In Front

Organizations that don’t have any receptionist should place check in software kiosk just in front the entry gate. Visitors can know that they will have to use it to enter the building. Also, they will know that the organization makes use of latest technologies.

Keeping It Simple

A simple form of VMS should be used. Guests should find it easy to register their name and get their ID badge.

Two-Way Conversation

In case, the kiosk is having a receptionist, the person whom the visitor is going to visit can be notified. It can be done through mail or text message. Once the concerned person sees the message they can respond back to the visitor or the receptionist.

visitor management systems

Great Comfort

Once the sign in process gets completed through visitor management systems, guests can wait in the reception area. While waiting in the reception area, guests can get access to restrooms by showing the ID badge.

Tracking and Monitoring

VMS allows tracking and monitoring every movement of the guests. Hence, in case of emergencies, the guests can be immediately evacuated from that place to a safe side.

With visitor management systems, managing visitors not only becomes easy. It can also improve the security of the facility and minimize threats.


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